The Faculty of Chemistry at the RUB has something special to offer students who perform outstandingly:

The leap to a doctorate without a Master's thesis.

At their own request and with the right aptitude, students can start a doctorate course of studies following on immediately from the Bachelor's. In this manner, they can obtain their doctor title after only 12 to 14 semesters - so on average, one to two years earlier than usual.

In order to do so, students need to qualify themselves in the Bachelor's course of studies and in the further course of the doctorate. In the 7th and 8th semester, for instance, they complete the preparatory studies and before they can get down to the dissertation, they must develop the subject of their doctorate in good time and represent it convincingly before a commission of specialists.

The doctorate is carried out within the framework of a Graduate School of Chemistry and Biochemistry. This type of international study programme can only be found at a select few German universities.

Graduate School of Chemistry and Biochemistry