From material science research and catalysis to molecular biochemical systems

Research Profile of the Faculty

"From Light-emitting diods (LEDs) to proteins": Embedded in several interdisciplinary and international cooperations, the faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry spans four major areas of research: Biomolecular Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry, Catalysis on Surfaces and Functional Materials.

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From single molecules to complex architectures

How do single molecules aggregate to form dimers, clusters and even ice particles? How many water molecules are required to form the smallest droplet of acid? The interaction of molecules via the weak intermolecular forces is of great significance in the chemistry and biochemistry.

Graduate School / Promotion


Selected by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as a centre of excellence for both research and teaching, the Graduate School of Chemistry and Biochemistry was established in 2002 to promote international postgraduate education at the Faculty of Chemisty and Biochemistry.