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The Metzler-Nolte group is working in a number of different areas of Biological and Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry. All projects involve the synthesis of (new) metal complexes, and very often their bioconjugates with peptides or other biomolecules. Most projects are inspired by a question of medicinal relevance, and we collaborate intensely with partners in Biology and Medicine not only in Bochum but also abroad.

This video gives an overview of the various aspects of our work and an outlook to international cooperations in the field of medicinal inorganic chemistry ("Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry" Video at TIB )


Research Departments
Researchers from this Chair are members of the following Research Departments:

  • Solvation Science
  • Protein Research Department (PRD)
  • Plasmas with Complex Interactions
  • Materials Research
  • Closed Carbon Cycle Economy (CCCE)




Cluster of Excellence RESOLV


Research School



Eine Reise um die Welt. Nächster Halt: Bochum


Gefördert durch ein Liebig-Stipendium des Fonds der Chemischen Industrie baut Johannes Karges ab dem 1. November 2022 eine neue Nachwuchsforschungsgruppe über Metallkomplexe zur Krebstherapie auf.


Recent important publication I


Andrés Luengo, Isabel Marzo, Matthew Reback, Isabelle M. Daubit, Vanesa Fernández‐Moreira, Nils Metzler‐Nolte, M. Concepción Gimeno

Luminescent Bimetallic Ir(III)/Au(I) Peptide Bioconjugates as Potential Theranostic Agents

Chemistry – A European Journal, 2020, 26 (53), 12081

News article on the RUB website (german)

Recent important publication II


Christine N. Morrison, Kathleen E. Prosser, Ryjul W. Stokes, Anna Cordes, Nils Metzler-Nolte and Seth M. Cohen

Expanding medicinal chemistry into 3D space: metallofragments as 3D scaffolds for fragment-based drug discovery

Chem. Sci., 2020,11, 1216-1225

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