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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

The Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) foundation course is characterised by lectures, exercises, seminars and practicals.

In the first part (1st - 4th semester) it imparts basic knowledge of general and analytical chemistry, of biochemistry and molecular biology as well as organic and physical chemistry. In addition to this, there are classes in biology, medicine, mathematics, physics and legal science.

Part 2 (5th - 6th semester) of the Bachelor's course is designed to consolidate knowledge in biochemistry and molecular biology, organic and physical chemistry, structural analysis, bio-ethics as well as a range of classes that are an integral part of the study focal point.

In addition to the compulsory programme, other subjects can be combined: Applied information technology, business studies and law, different natural sciences, the philosophy of natural sciences and foreign languages.

The Bachelor's thesis deals with one of the practicals in the 5th or 6th semester or one of the additional subjects.

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